FX Quarterly for Third Quarter 2017

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In this edition we highlight:

  • Five themes for quarter three – ECB and Fed policy, an analysis of the Fed’s composition, key political events on the horizon, and what it all means for currency markets.
  • A landscape of Emerging Market countries that has to be navigated carefully, with an eye toward strong economic fundamentals and low political risks.
  • Masashi Murata also offers an overview of Emerging Market countries.
  • Currency Forecasts and an analysis of productivity and wage growth.

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FX Quarterly for Second Quarter 2017

2017-03-29_14-28-25In this edition we highlight:

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ESMA Opinion Changes the Rules for UCITS Share Classes

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Given the lack of a common legal and regulatory framework, EU countries are divided with respect to whether different types of units or shares (share classes) of the same UCITS sub-fund may differ from one another. In response to the confusion, the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) identified four principles for EU investment managers to follow when establishing share classes.

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